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When it comes to your vision, regularly scheduling eye exams can help to catch any problems that may arise. Some of the common problems that can be detected during an ocular health assessment are hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, dry eye syndromes and many more. Regular appointments serve as a proactive way to find and treat any present issues.

Do not wait to see an optometrist if you do notice a problem. Some of the issues that affect your eyes can become worse over time. There are even issues that can cause permanent damage.

Dr. Stanley Eng offers thorough examinations as well as treatments for many common ocular ailments. Visit one of our two offices and experience friendly service that can keep your eyes in good health.

Preserve Your Child’s Eyesight

Good eye health starts early. Follow these tips to protect your entire family’s vision:

  • See your optometrist often for a comprehensive eye exam.

  • Protect your eyes from UV and glare exposure.

  • Choose lenses that suit your needs, before selecting your frames.

  • Consider impact-resistant lenses for your glasses.

Schedule your own eye exam in Nanaimo today.

Schedule your own eye exam in Port Hardy today.

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